Vegan leather pants BASIC . The simplified, affordable version of vegan leather pants. Qualitatively equivalent to the premium version, but special features are missing! See comparison list under pictures!


    No sweating, hygienic thanks to machine wash up to 30 ° C, vegan buttons, tattoo art in the bib (random collage), bib fully or half open, elaborate embroidery. The bib and the embroidery show perfect tattoo art by André Zechmann. Guaranteed environmentally friendly photo printing in the bib.


    André Zechmann can only be found in leather trousers at various tattoo conventions for years. The traditional garment is an indispensable part of his homeland. Deeply connected to tradition and the profession as a tattoo artist, he got the idea for the world's first tattooed lederhosen! The TattooHaut® is vegan, so completely animal-free!

    • 100% organic cotton , also called English leather, and machine washable at 30 ° C and more hygienic than any leather pants. It offers incomparable comfort compared to leather pants.


      100% handmade in Europe, no mass production in low-wage countries, no products of animal origin. Quality and attention to detail from the vegetable button to the seam. Only the finest materials are processed into textile works of art.


      Care instructions:

      Machine wash at 30 ° C, gentle cycle

      Do not wash embroidered textiles above 30 ° C. Wash separately or with similar colors. Close closures. Do not use fabric softener. Use only bleach-free detergents. Drying in tumble dryer is not possible. Do not iron over prints. Do not iron. Avoid heavy pressing. No chemical cleaning.


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