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"It all starts with an idea. This turns into visions. When the right people meet, you turn it into fascinating, beautiful realities."
André Zechmann

The fashion brand André Zechmann is unique and different, fashionable and traditional at the same time. There is something for everyone, regardless of whether you choose the Steirer jogger (comfortable, stylish, sporty), vegan leather pants (cool, traditional and breathable) with an individual bib, or our T-shirts (which can be combined with traditional costume and / or modern streetwear).


André Zechmann, a world-famous tattoo artist, presents tattoo fashion with a traditional look. It started with the idea of ​​presenting the tattoo scene with all its fascination. André has always been seen at the most important tattoo fairs in "traditional leather pants". Since this always attracts a lot of attention, one day he thought of a pair of personal leather pants designed especially for him. From now on, the main goal should be: to combine extraordinary clothing with the tattoo art of André Zechmann - with one difference to tattooing: no blood should flow when producing the extravagant tattoo collection. So no animals may be harmed. Therefore, the first product of the new fashion line, the "TattooHaut®", was created from 100% cotton. It quickly became clear that matching outerwear had to round off the exclusive range.


Another highlight is the SteirerJogger®, which is available in different variations. On January 21, 2014, the international day of jogging pants, André Zechmann presented the original, which is now known far beyond the borders. The traditional sweatpants, a completely new product, was born.


The reference to tattooing should now run through the entire collection designed by André Zechmann under the motto:

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