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Many thanks to all media such as newspapers, radio, online media and magazines for the nice media coverage

"Soft Art Of Pain"

Official Music Video, Hot Ink featuring André Zechmann

Soundtrack available on itunes, Amazon, Spotify, etc.

Composition: Marko Zeiler / Gunther Schuller / André Zechmann

Interpret: Hot Ink

Production, Mix and Mastering: Marko Zeiler

Vocals: Marko Zeiler, Ulrieke Tropper

Keys: Gunther Schuller

Bass: Martin Reitmann

Harmonics: David Siebenhofer

ORF Styria Today about the fashion line "André Zechmann", vegan leather pants, the Styrian jogger and more

New York Post Great film from the New York Post about the artist André Zechmann

Business Insider also reports about the flying phoenix!

Puls 4 portrait about André Zechmann and his internet hit "Flying Phoenix Tattoo" with over 38 million hits

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