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The following content serves only as an aid or to find ideas for the design of media reports.

Use these ideas and design your own report as you like!

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Headlines and keywords as examples


André Zechmann, the new modern tattoo costume

André Zechmann, the cheeky traditional costume fashion

Tattoo skin, the tattooed leather pants

Tattoo fashion by André Zechmann

Tattoo meets traditional costume

The Soft Art Of Pain

Tattoo skin, the vegan leather pants

The secret of tattooed leather pants

Vegan leather pants with tattoos as a new trend on the traditional market

"Blood-free, pain-free and germ-free"

Tattoo skin, the colorful "Lederhose" from Styria

Tattoo fashion by André Zechmann as a new trend on the traditional costume market

The "Lederhose" with relationship status




Styrian joggers


A "must have" - ​​not only on the day of the jogging pants :!

The Styrian jogger - comfortable, stylish, sporty! Something new in jogging pants: André Zechmann enriches the traditional costume scene with a world first: comfortable jogging pants made of extremely soft, vegan loden, with elaborate and trendy embroidery, 100% handmade. A piece of quality made from high quality cotton! The tattoo artist André Zechmann from Gröbming in Upper Styria is no longer a stranger to the traditional costume scene. Last year he launched the first vegan leather pants, i.e. leather pants without leather. The secret lies in the extremely tightly woven cotton fabric, which is processed in a complex process until it finally gets the appearance and structure of suede. As "tattoo skin", the vegan leather pants are almost indestructible, breathable, comfortable to wear, available in all leather colors and trendy at the same time. This is ensured by tattoo artist André Zechmann. His motifs and his works of art exclusively adorn the fashion line: whether “lederhosen”, a polo shirt or just - now new - the Styrian jogger. André Zechmann: "As a tattoo artist, it is important to me to create very special, exclusive and unique items of clothing", and he says: "The success of vegan leather pants inspired us so much that we invented the Styrian jogger for trendy and proud Styrians. “And the iconic trousers are obviously also popular outside of Styria: a large proportion of the orders come from abroad, and some Styrian joggers are even delivered to America.




Design and idea


Tattoo artist presents tattoo fashion in traditional costume look


André Zechmann is one of the world's most sought-after and best-known tattoo artists. With his fashion collection

he wants to show that the world of modern tattoos doesn't have to be dark and "black"!

That's why tattoos by André Zechmann adorn every single item in the collection! So if a detail-loving, perfectionist tattoo artist like André Zechmann has an idea, all you really have to do is nail with heads - or in this case, pants with buttons. The result: tattoo meets costume!


It started with the idea of ​​presenting the tattoo scene with all its fascination.

André has always been seen at the most important tattoo fairs in "traditional leather pants". Since this always attracts a lot of attention,

one day he thought of a pair of personal leather pants designed especially for him. From now on, the main goal should be: to combine extraordinary clothing with the tattoo art of André Zechmann - with one difference to tattooing: no blood should flow when producing the extravagant tattoo collection. So no animals may be harmed. That is why the TattooHaut® was created from 100% cotton. It quickly became clear that matching outerwear had to round off the exclusive range.


The reference to tattooing should now run through the entire collection under the motto:

André Zechmann can only be found in leather trousers at various tattoo conventions for years. The traditional garment is an indispensable part of his homeland. So deeply connected to tradition and the profession as a tattoo artist, it was only a matter of time before the idea for your own TattooHaut® was born. The Tattoohaut® is a mixture of "leather pants" and tattoo art.


Extroverted tattoo fashion, "blood-free-pain-free-germ-free". Contrary to tattooing, no blood should "flow" in the traditional costume industry. In addition, André Zechmann's tattoo arts flow into the new costume collection: “I tried not to put the tattoo on the body, but to work it into the bib.


Our collection is constantly growing and new, stylish items are added to which the same quality standards apply.


Every bib looks different, no pair of pants is the same. The motifs are cut out of large collages and thus is


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