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"Kunst erfahren" Mercedes V Klasse von Andre Zechmann

Born and raised in the beautiful Enns Valley, André Zechmann attracted attention as a young boy due to his above-average talent in the visual field. He scribbled and painted everything within his reach - nothing was safe from him. He won all painting competitions and was able to enjoy countless sports bags, water balls and paint boxes, etc. :)

After elementary school, secondary school and a few years of high school, André completed an apprenticeship as an advertising technician. This resulted in twenty years of work as a graphic designer in the agency and outdoor advertising sector. Excursions into the world of painting, painting and airbrush art enrich his experiences in the field of visual arts. This time made him a more than fussy perfectionist who can handle almost any painting surface and material.


In 2003 André finally came into contact with the world of tattoos, which was completely foreign to him. Although tattoos weren't really socially acceptable at the time, he discovered that the skin was probably the most personal and valuable canvas there could be.


Through almost continuous use, he refined this craft ever further, so that he was able to win numerous international awards and is now one of the most successful and best-known tattoo artists in the world.


In 2017, he created the "Flying Phoenix", probably the most famous tattoo in the world, by going viral on the Internet and generating 40 million views on his Facebook page alone.


A few years ago, André was also able to establish his own very successful fashion line, which means that you can also wear his works of art on your skin.


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André Zechmann

Waldstraße 361

8970 Schladming

+43 664 4344741

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